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This is your favorite music player ♥


You can choose from three different main things: white, black and black for AMOLED displays. Select your favorite accent color from the color palette.


Where can you find your most recent/top artists, albums and songs? No music player has this feature.

The latest trend in social media is Stories. For almost all of this feature, from Facebook and Snapshot to WhatsApp or Instagram. The fun part of these stories is that they only last for 24 hours and soon disappear.

Although Snapchat was the original pioneer of disappearing photos, the Instagram was trapped and soon launched the most successful Instagram Stories. While it's fun to make stories look at them, is not it better to have music as an extra bonus for your Instagram stories?
In this post, we discover two ways to add music to Instagram stories. The first is through the Instagram app and another third-party application.
So, without further ado, let's get started.

Added features

 1. Base 3 Themes (Clearly White, Kinda Dark and Just Black)

 2. Gapless Playback

 3. Volume controls

 4. More than 10 themes are being played

 5. Carol effect for album cover HomeScreen widgets

 6. Max screen playback controls

 7. Link screen (download and sync with music)

 8. Sleep timer home screen widgets

 9. Tag Editor. 

10. integration.

11. Create, edit, and import playlists Corner edges like Pixel 2XL Relay -playing queue user profile.

12. 30 Languages support.
We're trying to bring you a better user experience. It is still a beta version - bug fixes (if any) and more features are in the way. For FAQ's any case you may find or notice any bugs/crashes please report us by sending us an e-mail.

# 1. Through Instagram
Of course, you need to know that the Instagram stories can capture the sounds around you. For example, if you're catching a parrot video that you speak, you do not want to leave the sound, right?
But then, every situation is not as rosy as above. There is not much time, noise or anything cacophony. In other words, the Instagram Story tastes the void.
The Instagram app, itself, has the ability to extract the smartphone sounds. So, if you have a song on any music player such as Spotify, Google Music or PowerApp, the app can pull the song directly from it.

 We will respond or fix bugs/crashes as soon as possible and if you have any features/suggestions in mind please follow the Google Plus community. Google Plus Community Link:

Louis Gomez Play Store Descriptions and App IconGoogle Plus:
# 2. Through Third Party Application
So, the above stories are related to instant stories. But every story is not quick. We already have more time and music backgrounds with photos and videos.
The rescue app is a video editor.
Open the video through this application and trim it as needed. Once done, tap the music icon on the toolbar and select your songs.
After selecting music, select the appropriate music volume and mute the original video volume. If you want you can choose to cross the music.
Now save what you have to do and save the saved video to Story Instagram. See, it's small and simple.


 #Its a great application, minimal open-flush liquid app❤️. After a bit more testing I can buy the app. It is better if you can add some gesture features. Just like swipe to play games now. Creating a temporary playlist for a day or two. It helps minimize the junk to have the mouse ... 


 #This is my default music player since last year or when I went to Android. Bugs will always be updated but you can fix it and I have not made any complaints. Good work! Keep it good. Samsung J7 from mainstream users to J8.

 #This is a wonderful and seriously small package with its simplicity and minimal design. The only problem I find is that it shows a wrong album cover. I tried to fix but did not find a way to fix it. Please correct it. Otherwise its Best Music APP Hands Down ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

 #Simple, responsive and customizable. What a great application. Non-inflated ads, promos, nothing. I've been using this because I got a new phone and now I'm not switching to any app if the app thinks it's bigger. No Excellent Benefit To Buy The App (How Free is a FREE Version ...



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