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Google's engaging sister YouTube, has additionally got some Easter Eggs or cool concealed fortunes for its clients simply like Google. In any case, more clever and not all that simple to discover. Albeit, some Easter eggs don't work any longer like the Snake Game, where you simply tap the left catch on your console while your video's buffering, and the amusement begins. In any case, what you can appreciate, are these 18 fun shrouded YouTube Easter eggs. Give them a shot on your PC, they merit the diversion.

1. "Doge Meme"

When you type "doge image" in the YouTube look box and hit enter, you can see the whole page's content showing up in kaleidoscopic Comic Sans textual style. Such Wow, Many cool, much shading, check must.

2. "Shaft Me Up, Scotty"

Putting "shaft me up scotty" in the pursuit box will give your youtubes the great Star Trek by radiating the recordings on your outcome page.

3. "Pow"erpuff your video with Comic book mode

Include "&pow=1&nohtml5=1' toward the finish of a video URL that you are as of now viewing. You can see a little "pow" catch to the video highlights, Click that and your video will seem comic book-ish. On the off chance that you wish to watch your video in the ordinary mode, simply tap on the "pow" catch once more. FYI-It doesn't deal with Claimed Videos.

4. Get the Geek Week Retro Look


Type '/nerd week' in the pursuit bar and it will turn your outcomes page in a transcendent retro ASCII design. This is one of the cool easter eggs YouTube discharged to pay tribute to its first yearly Geek Week (seven days in length occasion devoted to featuring nerd culture). 

5. Play Missile Command with "1980"

Something like the cool Dinosaur Game (Play it by squeezing spacebar when disconnected). You can open the Missile Control Game by composing "1980" anyplace on the page, not as a remark, or in the pursuit bar, just on the page.

6. "1337"

Same as 1980, when you type "1337" on a video page, it will influence your remarks to show up in '1337 (LEET) Speak'. Look at it.

7. Fibonacci


Placing "Fibonacci" in the YT seek bar will orchestrate your outcomes in a tiled impact like a Fibonacci Mathematical grouping trap.

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8. "Utilize the Force Luke"

Hunting down "utilize the power luke" will give a wavy impact to the outcomes and you can move the recordings around the screen with the power… of your mouse.

9. 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' Trick

Hunt "horses" or "bronies" and charming little horses will fly over your screen for a couple of moments. Also, on the off chance that you look through the names of characters from the show like "Rainbow Dash", the best bar will show up in the character's shading.

10. "Do the Harlem Shake"


Do it. Be that as it may, on YouTube Search. What's more, you see the video results bouncing to the Harlem shake. Type "do the Harlem shake", hit enter, and the tune will play out of sight while your recordings shake. You can delay and play the melody, and you can likewise observe video doing Harlem Shake in a state of harmony with the beats.

11. /Robots.txt

Include "/robots.txt" after YouTube URL like this-"https://www.youtube.com/robots.txt" and watch YouTube troll you, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines style.

12. Recline mode

On the off chance that your mouse isn't working, or you need to marathon watch YT recordings/motion pictures, just got this URL www.youtube.com/leanback and utilize YouTube with some Keyboard alternate ways.

13. Wadsworth


Composing "&wadsworth=1" toward the finish of a video URL will make it skirt the principal 30% of a video. It's a tribute to the Wadsworth Constant, an image that spun crazy when a Reddit client (with the username Wadsworth) said the principal 30% of any video isn't worth watching.14. Circle a YouTube Video

14. Circle a YouTube Video

On the off chance that you have a craving for chiming in your new main tune, or rehashing any video, without flaw tap on the video and select "Circle" and watch your video again and again without hitting replay.

15. Details for Nerds

This easter egg is somewhat muddled. You need to right-tap on a video, and pick the choice "Details for Nerds." It will give you a summary of insights of the video you're watching, including measurements, casings and volume rate. (Take a gander at above picture)

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16. "Webdriver Torso"


Here's another cool Easter egg, Type "web driver middle" in the inquiry, hit enter, and your YouTube page foundation will turn red and blue. A few recordings will have red , some will have blue.

17. Calm down your YouTube

Dispose of the messiness and watch your recordings in harmony. Place Quietube in your program's bookmarks and afterward tap the bookmark catch when you're viewing a video. This will give you a plain white or plain dark foundation to see recordings on, where there are no diversions. Like the remarks or prescribed recordings section. Firefox clients can likewise utilize YouTube Smart Pause to naturally stop the video you're watching when you switch tabs. There's something for Chrome clients as well, Floating YouTube – an augmentation which plays your video in a different moveable window, enabling you to hypothetically work in the meantime.

18. Rainbow Stream

Put a video in fullscreen(computer just) and type "magnificent" Just do it! The red time bar well transform into an ostentatious rainbow! Mindblown!


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