What is the highest paying URL shortener?

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Every time, when someone clicks on this short link, you will get paid. URL shortener services or websites can pay as much as $4 to $5 thousand visitors that. You bring to your link. They pay you as you bring traffic to them this visitors will probably their new user and customers.

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How to earn with URL shortener.
If you want to earn good amount with URL shortener then the best way is to share someone health post or article.

Find some of the popular sites like news sites or viral news site. Use their URL and shorten that URL with URL shortener services and share that article, trending topics viral images videos excetra with your URL.
You can share this trending topic on your social profiles, forum for social sharing sites. People love reading trending news and will click on your shared URL and you can make money with it.

1. New visitor clicks on the given URL. This alternate URL will wait for 5 seconds and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. For this five seconds. URL shortener service will displaying an advertisement like 5 seconds or more. Is completed page is redirected to the original destination.
2. To avoid using a shortened URL on your website as it Mini your visitors unnecessarily. Typically. User shorten URL on formals, and social networking platforms such as Facebook Twitter and Google Plus. 
3. Payment is made using appropriate day payment methods that the websites or payPal. Every URL shortener website or service pay different CPM rates. This epm rate also depends on the country from where people are opening their shorten links show the CPM rate you get depends on the URL shortener campaigns as well as different countries. 
4. A good URL shortener website can page to their publisher anywhere from $1 to $10 can visitors on the shorten URL. Also provide a referral system viren if anyone joints using URL earrings then you will be entitled to receive up to 20% commissions of their earnings.
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