What is difference between Messenger and Messenger Lite?

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Facebook Messenger V Messenger Lite: What's For You? 

More than 1.3 billion active users, Facebook Messenger equals WhatsApp, who accept the same number in July 2017. GIFs, animations, high-end emoji, stories, and so on.

In addition, it features feature-rich instant games and boat stores.

All of these features have a heavier messenger app that gets slower in time. Fortunately, there is an alternative called Messenger Light. Facebook's own Lite version of Messenger app is popular in app stores.Light is available for a while in India and Africa and has recently been released in four additional countries. This is a stripped version of Messenger that only manages the basic features. 

Let's look at some key differences between Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite.

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1. Storage and Memory Usage 

Facebook original messenger multiplies in app size and uses more storage for a long time. Messenger takes a total of 199MB data, whereas the app size is 139MB, the user data is 59.72MB.

On the other hand, Messenger Lite takes over 25MB of space, of which 20.20MB is app size and user data is greater than 3MB.

The average memory usage is around 187MB for Facebook Messenger when Messenger Lite uses only 46MB of memory.

Quick Step: Messenger Light does not receive pre-loads unless you manually tap it. Until, the received photos are found in a lower-re-thumbnail.  

2.UI and overall design 

The main difference between the two apps is the user interface (UI). The messenger app looks cramped with several action buttons.Bottom Navigation Bar includes buttons for home, contacts, camera, games, and bots. Messages, Active, Groups, and Calls Buttons are on top of the search bar and have a bubble for user profile. This makes the whole chat experience unnecessary. 

Messenger Light, however, strikes almost all additional features and focuses on three simple buttons at the top for home, contacts, and profile. You can swipe toggle right or left between them.The exclusion of the navigation bar gives Lite the room for easy navigation. The best thing about messenger lite is the ability to provide unlimited users with limited taps for its users.

*The real problem with the messenger app is an overdose of a group of features that can never be used. 

3. Features and Capabilities

With Messenger Lite, you can send and receive messages, pictures, voice notes and stickers and make / receive audio calls using Wi-Fi. One thing you can not do with Light is to make or receive video calls and if you already ask me, you already have dozens of apps for video calls.

However, one area where messenger light is decreasing is security. Facebook Messenger offers end-to-end encryption with secret conversations.

Also, saving data does not include animations in stickers, GIFs, and location sharing due to the concept behind Light.

Messenger Lite extracts a lot of data-hogging features and focuses on the basic function of the message.  

3.A Clear Winner

It is as clear as possible. Messenger Lite uses less memory and is designed to work on 2G networks and operate in poor or limited Internet connection areas.Lite is not targeted to users who want to save data or storage on their phone because it lets you do basic chat routine and still manages to provide decent features such as emoji.So, do you think you're not changing to Messenger Light?Tell us that you are using other messenger apps in comments? We'd like to know.

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