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Send money to friends. Pay bills and pay bills online. Recharge your phone. Pay at the nearby cafe. With Google pay, google's digital payment app.

 Hello friends, Hello everyone, Today I'm giving you a great Google-related affiliate machine today, telling you about the Google Play app. Anyone can easily get money from this app even if it is anywhere. Especially for a friend to his parents, brother to his sister, to a friend, to a girlfriend to a panipuri shop for a coffee shop, petrol bunk to the film theater and the ration shop.

Google Play Information
* Can be sent directly to the bank.
* Can be sent to the Google Play Store.
* Online Payments can also be made.
* Buy romin from Goddie.
* The web site can be posted.
* Traffic can be purchased for a web site.
* It can be used in more numbers.

1.The Google way to play
Google pay brings together everything you need at checkout and keeps your payment info safe in your Google account unit you are ready to pay. Google Play makes it easy to keep track of purchases. Radium royalty points and Gate just suggestions to help you save time and money.

2.Simply setup so you can get started today
Adding your call to Google Play takes just a few minutes. First download the app from Google Play or check to see if it's already installed on your phone then open the app and follow the instructions. Google pay works on Android device running KitKat 4 higher.

3.Shop security in stores
When you use your phone to pay in stories, google pe does not send your and MasterCard or MasterCard debit card number with your payment. Instead a number is used to represent your account information to help keep your card details safe.

Download Link :- GOOGLE PAY
 If you we have appeared for groceries with Android pay, used Chrome to automatically fill in your payment information. Purchased an app on Google Play. Will already experience had some of the way pay for thing online and in stories. For the first year. We we been working to make this experience simpler safer and more consistent.

With Google pay it will b search for you to use the payment information saved to your Google account, so you can split touch check out with peace of mind. For the coming weeks we will see Google pay online. In store. And across Google products. As when your pain friends. Traffic rules.

Is already available on Arabian dish channel logo us other apps and website you love to make which of your current offer to save time and money if you are a developer visit our payment solutions site how you can implement google pay on work with all of our procedure for tennis Avon simply intelgain bringing everything into on brand is GST first step of Google pe we can wait to share more.

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