Google Go: A lighter, faster way to search | Free Download (32.04 MB)

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Get answers quickly and reliably with Google Go, even on smartphones with slow connections and low space. At 5MB in size, it's fast to download on your phone and save space.

*Type less and discover more. Save time using your voice to tap your way through trending questions and topics or to tell you what you are looking for.

*Make it read. Listen to any webpage, because the words are highlighted so you can easily follow.

*Everything you need in one application. Access your favorite apps and websites easily and quickly, as well as the things you care about - pictures, videos and info - all from Google Go.

*Do not miss out on popularity and trending. Explore the latest trending topics by tapping the search.

*Find the perfect wishes to share with loved ones. Tap "Images" or "GIFs" to find good photos and animated greetings to enhance your chats.

*Switch between languages ​​easily. Set a second language to change your search results at any time or time.

*What you're looking for on the Internet, Google Go will help you find it fast and easy!

Google Go App: How Is It Different From the 'Main' Google App?


The Google Go app comes with a file size of less than 5MBGoogle Go uses less than 40 percent of data Available on Android 4.3 and above

At the Google India India 2017 ceremony in New Delhi, search giant released the Google Go app, a streamlined version of the original Google app. A new app is named to explore, explore, and share "easy and fast" on the web and preloads on Android Go devices. It also comes with less than 5MB file size suitable for devices with less internal storage. We test the application and learn how to measure it, and this is a good choice. Here are our first impressions highlighting all the major features of the Google Go app and how it differs from the main Google app.

Google VP Engineering Engineer Thakur stated outside of Google for India, the main purpose of developing Google Smart is that new smartphone users "come on the Internet" and help them access the web easily. "We have collected feedback from 100 Indian cities to make new users accessible through Google Go," Thakur said. Unlike the original Google app that uses the system's default language, the Google Go app allows you to choose an additional language other than English to search locally. Language options are available in other languages ​​including Bangla, Hindi, Nepali and Punjabi. This application also has some international languages ​​like Afrikaans, Deutsch, and Filipino. There is also a "chip" of a language, which is one-tap button available at the bottom of the search results that will help you change the default English results in your preferred language.

Google Go is a guide to what’s hot on the web for internet first-timers on Android

1.At India's third Annual annual Google event in New Delhi, the company has launched a new search experience for mobile users in the form of Google Go.

2.As part of the newest optimized apps for the lightweight Android Go platform, it lets you search the Web, but also see what's around you, and provide shortcuts for things like weather, popular images, GIFs, and YouTube videos.

3.It aims to help people who are online for the first time to explore the length and breadth of the web. This means that the company does not just provide a blank search box.

4.That's why those shortcuts take users directly to various popular topics. Additionally, Google Go will display search results as you type with the buttons that have suggestions based on your query. For example, if you start typing jackets, it will have 'women' and 'surface' labeled buttons that will help you refine your results without knowing how to search your results for a long time.

5.There are also cross-sections that can be customized for your favorite services and apps for social networks, shopping, entertainment, news, banking and more. It's local, so you'll see links to services that are popular in your country and region.

6.Google Go also supports second language, so if you set up one, you can change your query and the results of that language with just the tap. There is also a choice to browse light web pages only when you visit search results to save in mobile data.

7.We have seen the application again in August when it is named 'experimental' and includes the Spartan interface. After trying it today and again, the smart approach seems to create a launchpad for people

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